Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s name has become a tool for people to gain fame and grow their stunted churches—with the latest being unknown ‘Prophet’ Passion Java, allegedly from Zimbabwe.


The said Java—who runs a social media ministry with not more than 35 followers—took to Facebook to add more like to his page by attacking Prophet Bushiri.


In what has been described that worth evil of all, the said Java said Prophet Bushiri will die in December something that well-meaning people have immensely condemned him for.


“There are better ways of trying to make a name or grow your ministry.  Not this rubbish of wishing death for such a great man of God. I think God must punish this Java boy,” he said.

In a related development, it has been revealed that the said Java is an idol worshiper who has been encouraging his 35 followers to say TWABAM in church. Twabam is a goddess from river in Inyanga, South Africa, responsible for wealth and long life.