,one of Malawi’s online blog notorious for publishing fake and sensational stories has, for the past months,been running series of fake, disdaining and outright false stories against Prophet Bushiri.

We want, in this article, to tell you the truth about why Malawi24 has invested all its energy in attacking Bushiri.

In the first place, you need to know that Malawi24 is solely owned and run by a certain Pearson Nkhoma who trades on Facebook as MWANAMA X. NKHOMA and on the website he writes fake stories using a fake name called SIBU MOKOENA.

In the eyes of the public, Pearson tells people he is not involved in the running of the website. Pure lies. He solely runs it with a team of very young, broke, unsuspecting and unskilled young boys whom he sends on errands to gather news, without pay, and all he does is to twist what has been gathered and publish it. That’s how he runs Malawi24 works.

Now the question is why is Pearson Nkhoma always attacking Bushiri on his Malawi24 blog?

What you must know is that, according to people that know Pearson from Chancellor College days, he has always been a guy who believes in attacking, through blogs and social media, every person he considers successful.

While at Chancellor College, he used run a newsletter called Nyale which was famous for attacking students that came from well-to-do families under the pretext of exposing scandals. He also used Nyale to attack every girl that rejected his advances—come on, he was a visibly poor and ugly to get laid by a college girl.

Those close to him say, he would isolate people he wanted to attack, then approach them and demanded money and if they don’t give him, he would run dirty stories about them.

When he left college, he started Malawi24 blog while working for a certain organization. By then, Bushiri had just started getting popular in Malawi and he was a hot news property. Pearson approached Bushiri for money, saying if he doesn’t pay up, he will be writing bad stories about him. I am told Bushiri said NO!

Pearson became so bitter and dedicated Malawi24 to writing fake, false, inaccurate, sensational and untrue stories about Bushiri with aim of instilling fear—so Bushiri must give him money. It never worked.

A year later, the organization that employed him gave him a scholarship to study for an M.A., in UK. After, finishing the M.A., the same organization gave him another scholarship to do a PhD. So he was relatively out of Malawi for about 6 years. With the scholarships, he was living a good life in UK, getting huge stipends. He was still running Malawi24, but this time, with UK stipends, he stopped attacking Bushiri. Bushiri, as a result, enjoyed relative peace during this period.

Pearson returned to Malawi end 2017 and was jobless and broke—he isn’t a person a serious company would consider employing, anyway. His only survival was Malawi24 through website hits, adverts and, of course as usual, demanding money from rich people by threatening them with attacks. Bushiri, by then, had become a global figure, even stronger and popular than before.

We have information that, upon arrival in Malawi, Pearson reached out to Bushiri asking that he was ready to remove all the false and negative stories on his blog and write only positive stories on condition that Bushiri gives him a start-up K10 million (ZAR200 000). Further, he asked that Bushiri, besides the K10 million, should start advertising with Malawi24.

We also have information that Bushiri media team silently rejected Pearson’s proposal by not responding at all. Just ignoring him. Pearson didn’t give up. He tried to meet Bushiri in person but it appears the ECG leader wasn’t comfortable working with him because of his ways of doing things.

Frustrated, Pearson told his closest that he will now engage gear 5 in his pursuit of writing false stories against Bushiri. His goal, according to his friends, is either to bring down Bushiri or Bushiri should bow down to his K10 million demand and advertising with Malawi24.

All the fake stories Pearson runs on Malawi24 against Bushiri are, therefore, just gear 5 of his agenda. But it appears Bushiri won’t bow down to Pearson’s unjustified demands. That is why Bushiri went to court against Malawi24 and Pearson. The matter is still in court.

What we know that Pearson’s lawyer, Khumbo Soko, dumped him not just for non-payment but, also, Soko allegedly doesn’t want his law firm to be associated with Pearson. Reports indicated that Pearson turned himself to DPP government for protection. That is why you saw him in blue colours—seeking favors from government. He approached one of DPP lawyers, Chancy Gondwe, to represent him.

But reports indicate that Gondwe turned him down because he doesn’t want to be associated with people that survives on scamming innocent people. Well, matters are in court and the conclusion will be reached as to what will be the verdict.

So if you ask, why is Pearson always attacking Bushiri? The answer is simple: PEARSON thinks he can get easy money from Bushiri through attacking him on his Malawi24. So next time you read anything negative on Malawi24 against Bushiri, remember what you read here!