There is always a reason to kill someone in Pigg’s Peak.

This time, a man was stabbed to death inside a popular bar known as Entfweni Wine & Malt, over a box of matches.
The murder happened on Sunday at around 11pm while patrons were enjoying their drinks and dancing to loud music.
It was gathered that the victim is Bongani Pereira, who was stabbed to death allegedly by a man he had asked for some matches from.
This was revealed by *Pius, a friend to Pereira.

He also alleged that when reporting the matter to the police, he used the name Bongani Dlamini to identify the deceased when speaking to police officers but that his real name was in fact Bongani Pereira.

“We did not want to alarm anyone because we thought he was going to survive,” said Pius.
Pius also said he did not know where to find Pereira’s relatives, though they had been living together.
He said trouble started when Pereira asked for some matches from the alleged killer.

Pius said the two knew each other, adding that this was the reason he was able to ask for some matches.
He said the situation changed when the alleged attacker asked Pereira to give back the matches but he (Pereira) said he did not have it.
This is said to have sparked a fight resulting in Pereira trying to run away when he realised that his alleged attacker was carrying a knife had knife.

Pereira is said to have run towards the sound system near the DJ but patrons thought he was just drunk and pushed him back.
The commotion continued until the alleged attacker produced what appeared to be an okapi, and stabbed him near the ear.
Pius said the police were then called, after which they rushed Pereira to hospital but he was certified dead on arrival.

Noteworthy is that a man was stabbed in January 2018 at the same bar but he survived attack.
The popular watering hall is also near a bottle store where a woman was stabbed to death when she arrived for work.
*Pseudo name used to protect the identity of deceased’s friend