The family of Johannesburg model Gabriella Engels, who suffered grievous bodily harm after being bashed by ex first lady Grace Mugabe vowed to continue pressing for charges.

Grace Mugabe’s woes mount as assaulted model’s family vow to keep pressing criminal charges on her

Gabriella’s mother Debbie revealed that a cash amount had been made available by the Mugabes to make the issue go away but they were not biting.

“You can’t buy justice. You cannot just give a sum of money and my daughter is supposed to heal and just accept. At the end of the day, my daughter still doesn’t know why this woman (Grace Mugabe) came and attacked her from nowhere,” said Engels.

“All the stories that have been circulating, that my daughter attacked Grace, it is utter lies.

“There are witnesses that were in the room. They say this woman just barged into the room and hit her (Gabriella). We want to know why she did that.”

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Engels insisted that the financial offer would not silence her family.

“We will definitely be continuing with the criminal case. At the end of the day, all we want is for Grace Mugabe to come and stand in the dock,” she said.

“She must come to answer as to why she attacked my daughter in the first place.”