Originally by The Herald

THE Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) discouraging young people from abusing the emergency contraceptive pill known as ‘Plan B or Morning after’ as it is harmful.

The ZNFPC said girls were indulging in unprotected se_x and and then taking the ‘morning after’ pill to prevent pregnancy.

The abuse of the pills is reportedly higher in colleges and universities where most students enjoy freedom away from parental guidance and control.

It is quite a surprising feat as that young people are more worried about preventing pregnancy than se_xually transmitted diseases like HIV and Aids.

Speaking at the ZNFPC media advocacy workshop held in Kadoma recently, ZNFPC Mashonaland East provincial manager Getrude Katsande said there was need to alert girls on the dangers of abusing the pills.

”Youths need knowledge when it comes to using contraceptives. We have found out that the youths are abusing contraceptives. Emergency contraceptive medication is not as effective as a regular contraceptive. It is there to protect in a rare circumstance and not to be used as a method,” she said.

“Future complications will occur because sometimes there is no follow up when these young people use the pill, and yet the pill should be taken within a month. Emergency contraceptive pill can be used within 72-hours after having se_xual inte_rcourse,” said Ms Katsande.