Originally by Daily News

After commercial se_x workers successfully showcased their stand for the first time at at this year’s Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, ga_y and les_bian community (Galz) have hinted at following suit next year.

Galz is an organisation which strives for the attainment of full and equal human, social and economic rights in all aspects of life for Les_bian, Ga_y, Bis_exual, Trans and Interse_x (LGBTI) persons.

Galz director Chester Samba said they were encouraged by Se_xual Rights Center’s bold move to showcase at the trade fair despite the previous stance of the Mugabe regime which constantly blocked their efforts.

“When I saw SRC participate at the ZITF, at least we were very encouraged as an organisation,” Samba said.

“I am sure the SRC was trying to test the political waters under the new dispensation, this dispensation really needs to be tested. I am sure we will do the same next year but that will depend with what we want to achieve from exhibiting or whether the platform will be suitable for what we want as an organisation,” he said.

Samba said ZITF was supposed to be an open platform as long as interested parties met their requirements.

He slammed Education minister David Coltart of promoting hate speech.

“If you look at the post by David Coltart on SRC, these are some of the arguments that have been used to betray us but I feel that everybody is entitled to exhibiting as long as one can meet the requirements,” he said.

“Se_x workers show off at ZITF — is this what we have been reduced to as Zimbabwe? ZITF used to showcase our great manufacturing companies — now it exhibits prost_itution, soldiers and Zanu PF,” Coltart ranted on Twitter last week.


Ga_y people have also had a torrid time under the Mugabe regime with the ex president who describing them as worse than dogs and pigs.

Homose_xuality is viewed as a punishable offence in the country and it constitutes a jail term so they resorted to operating under the radar.

After Mugabe’s fall, the ga_y community’s hopes at being recognized and awarded their rights sprang new.