Life ceased to be a barrel of laughter when two popular comedians Skimbo aka Tatenda Matika and Comic Pastor aka Prosper Ngomashi  ironically engaged in a fight that left one of them with a bruised body and ego.

According to Skimbo, he was defending UK based socialite Olinda Chapel’s honor after the hilarious Comic Pastor allegedly insulted her in one of his skits.

“I did not fight with Comic Pastor but I hit him because he seems not to know the difference between being a comedian and being a bully. Olinda is a personal friend of mine and I felt Comic Pastor’s Olinda jokes were way out of line”

The wrestling match is said too have happened in Harare CBD and onlookers had to restrain  the two comedians before it became a bloodbath.

“I confronted Comic Pastor politely but he started making fun of me as well then I lost my temper and attacked him” says Skimbo.

The two comedic wrestlers fled the scene when the police arrived to take statements and no criminal charges have been pressed by the Comic Pastor who might be still nursing hi body and his ego.

“Olinda and I have been friends for a long time and she has been there for me and has helped me through some stuff. I would take any insult against her personally. There was no way I was going to sit on the sidelines while Comic Pastor was tearing her down.

Skimbo however hopes to bury the hatchet with the funnyman

“Personally I have nothing against him. I just wanted to instill some manners in him. We are in the same profession so hopefully we will put this behind us and mend our relationship”

Skimbo however reiterated that he emerged as the winner in the fight and did some damage to the Comic Pastor.

Comic Pastor was unavailable to give his side of the story at the time of going to press.

Source-H Metro