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TWO women from Epworth were on Saturday taken to court after they allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman until they killed her unborn baby.

Irene Musoko, 35, and Pamela Raphael, 31, of Makomo appeared before Harare magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura accused of negligently causing bodily harm.

The other two suspects are still on the run.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges and were remanded out of custody on $50 bail each.

The two will be back in court on April 23 for their trial.

The complainant in this case is Aemar Gwere.

According prosecutor Peter Kachirika, the two committed the offence on April 16 when they went to the complainant’s place around 1 am.

It is alleged they found Gwere asleep and knocked at her door demanding to see her husband.

Gwere told the two that her husband was not at home before they allegedly pushed the door to gain entry into the house.

When they got inside they demanded the money for their goods worth $700 which were allegedly stolen by Gwere’s husband.

This was despite the fact that the case was already before the police and being investigated.

Court heard the two, together with their accomplices who are on the run, started assaulting Gwere who was four months pregnant.

They allegedly continued beating her with open hands, clenched fists until she started bleeding through her privates.

The team left her lying in the pool of blood before she was taken to hospital.

She, however, lost her child before she was treated.

The medical affidavit will be produced in court as an exhibit.