APA leader Nkosana Moyo has found himself trending on social media after Zimbabweans started making fun of his Meet the People campaigns.

Moyo has been going around Zimbabwe and having pictures taken of him mingling with ordinary citizens going about their daily business.

Social media has however dubbed him “the creepiest politician”,with statements like “Moyo Appears out of nowhere’, “worse than Jehovah’s Witness vharai madoor” among others.

Some have gone as far as photo-shopping Nkosana in the most unlikely places as shown below.

Below are the legit pictures.Clearly Zimbabweans are missing the point as always..Dr Moyo is trying to connect with the voters at a grass roots level and having an appreciation of people’s daily life struggles  as compared to the pomp and fanfare that are political rallies.Will the strategy work?We will find out in July…