Presidential spokesperson, Mr George Charamba has warned that more cabals face arrest as corruption crackdown in Government perpetuates.

He denied the allegations that the Government was targeting members of a particular cabal saying some officials in government were being investigated.

“Arrests have to be made on certain people, the question is have we seen enough of arrests and I’d dare say no for the simple reason that for as long as there are human beings who are operating in an environment and who are given to breaking the law then necessarily more arrests would be made in future,” he said.

Mr Charamba highlighted that the people who were arrested had cases to answer and arrests could not be merely made unnecessarily to justify that arrests were not political persecution.

“Except, the persons who have cases to answer were persons who were in the government that made way to the new dispensations isn’t it? It’s not being suggested that I should go to Buhera and arrest someone merely to balance it off. If the question is about the integrity in the use of resources then necessarily, those that were in government will have a case to answer.

“And really the questions in terms of which persons will have answer is not a closed chapter. It’s ongoing. There are quite a number of investigations underway. Investigations involving persons who are even in Government as we speak and when the investigations are done and complete definitely those persons would be arraigned before the courts.”

“Rather than prejudge a process why not take comfort that the era of impunity is gone and how that era goes is really a function of time and fullness,” he said.

Mr Charamba reiterated that the publishing of the list of externalisers by Government was to draw a line on investors and local business people to trade in a lawful way.

“So really, what we demonstrated through that list was an indication that high or low, wide or thin, big or small if at all you play games with our law we will not hesitate to take you down and a signal has been sent.

“Firstly, to make sure that the errant companies do make restitution to this economy which is terribly abused and secondly to tell everyone in the market place that the past is another country. We’ve drawn a line and we better behave and trade in a lawful way,” he said.