The ‘intonga kamdala wethu’ (walking stick) of the late vice president Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo, is safe and secure under the custody of the family with no plans to give it to the MDC-T leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

This is follows claims by MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa that on his visit to the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo museum in Bulawayo, he was promised the traditional walking stick of umdala, family member and son to the late Father Zimbabwe.

Mr Sibangiliwze Nkomo said the ‘intonga kamdala’ is sacred and remains in the custody of the family who have no intentions to give it to anyone.

He further stated that the MDC-T leader visited the museum at the invitation of its chief executive officer Mr Jabulani Hadebe, who is said to be eying the Nkayi South constituency under the MDC-T party.

Mr Nkomo calmed the nerves of many in the region who were shocked by revelations that Advocate Chamisa had been offered Dr Nkomo’s ‘intonga’ saying the family which lives in Phelandaba did not even meet the MDC-T leader as there was never such an arrangement.

The mention of umdala wethu’s intonga by Advocate Chamisa was viewed as a political ploy to gunner support in the Matabeleland region and an attempt to upstage his political rivalry Ms Thokozani Khuphe who is leading a splinter group of the MDC-T.