Bus Stop Co-Star, Sharon “Maggie” Chidewu OPENS Up ON Life as a Single Mother.

Many people know her as  the bubbly Maggie from Bus Stop TV,  a youth-run Zimbabwean media house but off the screen she is Sharon Chidewu a hard working single mother!

The vivacious actress and comedienne  let her followers nibble a bit of her private life when she poured her heart out about an episode in her life as a single mother on her social media.

She wrote: ” Being a single mom is hard, yes we talk of it as being independent and all but it is a lot of work.

All my body wanted to do was break down and cry as I was sitting on the bench with my daughter at the clinic and the nurses told me that the doctors were on strike.

I did not have money to go and see private doctors and my phone had a flat battery i didn’t know who to call.

Bus Stop Co star Sharon Maggie Chidewu with her baby Samara


Couldn’t even sit on the bench as they wanted to close the gates, I had to wait outside for a cab.

The only person who always drops everything when I need her was across the border, my mom.

Samara my rock, she always lifts me up. Its hard seeing her like this.”