Chidzoka hit-maker Rockford “Roki” Josphat, who has been out of groove for what seems to be a decade, has rebranded, promising to be mature and responsible.

The talented musician and choreographer has been mired in several controversies, including fathering babies with at least five different women, domestic violence and substance abuse.

On microbloging site Twitter, the singer has dubbed it “Return of the King” with a handle @RokiZW, and there he is posting past videos, reminiscing on the past of his career and posting sneak pips into new offerings.

“My goal in 2018 is to be a better person, a more responsible father. Thank you guys for not giving up on me. This year, I’m doing it for everyone who never stopped believing in me,” he wrote on Twitter.

“F*** what you know about my past . . . I grew up.”

“I pray for a Zimbabwe that will allow my music to take care of my kids after I’m long gone. Good night,” he wrote in another post where he was savaged by one of his 11 500 followers.

Source: Daily News