TAMPONS are popular devices for dealing with periods but they can also be health hazards.

Sister Burgie Ireland, a nurse, said while many women use tampons, too many did not know tampon facts from the myths.

The major danger of using tampons is that if one has been inside too long, it can get turned sideways and sit at the top of the vagina. This can lead to the life-threatening toxic shock syndrome.

About one in 100 000 women suffers from toxic shock syndrome every year.

This is why it’s important for women to NEVER leave a tampon in for longer than eight hours.

 How to use a tampon 

– Before and after inserting a tampon, always clean your hands.

– Remove the bottom piece of wrapper so that you can pull the string so it hangs down. The string must stay outside your body so you can pull the tampon out.

How do I remove a tampon? 

If you ever lose the string, don’t panic. Squat down and carefully remove the tampon with your fingers. It’s rare but it happens.

Can I insert a tampon too far? 

No. The cervix – the opening of your uterus – is too small for a tampon to fit through so there is no need to stress about this.

How often should I change a tampon?  

It is best to change your tampon every three to four hours depending on your flow.

Will I still be a virgin if I use a tampon?  

Yes, a tampon does not affect your virginity.

Can I leave the tampon in overnight?  

Tampons should NEVER be left in for more than eight hours.

– Daily Sun