HARDLY two months after popular Sakubva socialite, Mbuya Sauti, “wedded” her 29-year-old lover boy, Wellington Mabhiza their union is on the rocks after it emerged that the latter is not “really in love” but is after the former’s fortune and privileges, The Weekender has learnt.

The couple is trading accusations and counter accusations with Mbuya Sauti describing Mabhiza as a “crook” and “womaniser” who is in the relationship for his selfish reasons. Mabhiza is also accusing Mbuya Sauti of forcing him to have unprotected sex.

The news of their fallout is now awash in the sprawling suburb of Sakubva. The popular granny, whose real name is Sophia Sikuka, “tied the knot” with the love of her life — Wellington Mabhiza — in a two-lagged colourful ceremony held at two different places in the suburb’s Chineta location in January this year.

An emotional Mbuya Sauti bared all saying she was literally taking care of his fiancé including buying clothes, food, groceries, a laptop, among other things. She denied ever forcing him to have unprotected sex, saying she does not prioritise sex but love and affection. She said Mabhiza was bitter because she was no longer spoiling him like she used to in the blossoming days of their relationship.

Mabhiza is however breathing fire.

“I can’t stay with that granny. She wants me to have unprotected sex. I don’t want. Mukombe wacho ngaupfuure zvawo. She also did not honour her promises. She promised to buy me a Subaru but she couldn’t. I now want to leave. I am done,” said an irate Mabhiza.

Mbuya Sauti said she was treating Mabhiza as his son and would be happy to see the latter getting married and have babies some day.

“Sex is not a priority. Why would I force him to have sex? I have been taking care of him. From his panties to all the suits you see him wearing. He knows I love him but I have just realised that he is crook. He is only after my money. What pains me most is that the money I have been giving him of late has been used to renovate a shop in Mupamawonde in Nyika where he employed his other girlfriend as a shop attendant. He has been using the money to take care of other women.

“I have realised that ndaakusenzera iye. I bought him everything, including a $400 laptop. As we speak, he is at loggerheads with his parents because of his promiscuous behaviour but I tolerate him like that. If he was an honest man then I would tolerate some of his sexual shenanigans,” said an emotionally-charged Mbuya Sauti.

She revealed that ever since the famous “wedding”, things had changed, including bathing together and sharing a bed naked as well as kissing and caressing.

“It’s no longer the same. He doesn’t eat what I cook. He sometimes doesn’t sleep home,” she added.