AFTER claiming to have made a phone call to Heaven which became the talk of the town, Pastor Sanyangore is back with a new television programme on Just Net TV which is set to inspire non-believers.

Dubbed Heaven Online the programme was influenced by the phone call that the self proclaimed prophet did a few months back which left a lot of people shocked by the fact that one can possess the ability to “make a phone call” to Heaven.

“People should not be shocked by the fact that I made a call to Heaven and this programme seeks to show the world God’s availability to human kind. So in ‘Heaven Online’ we are saying Heaven is available to answer and help us, God does not go offline, he is always available as the Bible says he neither sleeps nor slumbers,” Sanyangore said.

Sanyangore said the programme has given him the opportunity to create belief to non-believers and show them what God can do in people’s lives.

“The programme gives me the opportunity to reach out to the world with the message of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate to people the power of God, in the end more souls are won into the Kingdom of Christ,” he said.

“I believe that this is for a good cause as it will definitely change people’s lives, even the non-believers because they will be seeing what God can do in other people’s lives which creates belief in the non-believers,” he added.

Sanyangore said people should not look forward to more miracles from him but from God as he is only but a vessel of God.

“I urge people to look forward to more miracles from God, not from me, if they look forward to more from me they will be disappointed as it is God’s business to perform miracles, as he has been doing since the beginning of the world and he won’t stop,” Sanyangore said.

The self proclaimed prophet has received a lot of criticism on miracles that he has done but that has not let the man of God stop doing the assignment that God assigned him.

“I have received a lot of criticism from people saying I perform fake miracles and I use juju and stuff like that, but these things don’t move me because the same was done to Jesus Christ, they even got to the level of calling him Beelzebub but Jesus did not stop but continued with his mission,” he said.

Asked if he really talked to God on the phone, he said the phone call to Heaven was not only a miracle but a prophetic message to the world which people should believe.

“It surprises me that people doubt that God can speak through a phone which was made for communication yet they believe that he spoke to Moses through a bush fire. Who is better me or Moses?” he said.

Source-Sunday News