THREE nurse aides yesterday turned a ward into a salon when junior and senior doctors were on go slow at Harare Central Hospital.

H-Metro visited Ward B6 and found three nurse aids busy plaiting one of the staff members before they apologised for turning the Ward into a salon.

Ward senior nurse only identified as Garapo told H-Metro that she was not aware that the three were busy plaiting when others were enjoying their lunch.

“Thank you for alerting us on their activities, I didn’t know that they were busy doing their own things, maybe they do not have anything to eat since its lunch hour,” said Garapo.

However, in a survey, patients expressed general satisfaction with how health workers were attending to them despite reports that senior doctors were on strike.

“Doctors have been performing their duties as usual, we have no complaints at all.

“We are receiving medication on time and having all meals on time as well,” said one of the patients who was in Ward B5.

H-Metro came across the nurse aides during the survey amid reports senior doctors had joined junior doctors on strike over poor conditions of employment.

However’, the case seemed t