LAST year Military Touch Movement (MTM) was said to be arguably Zimbabwe’s finest music production stable. However, it’s slowly proving to be a prison or rather some isolated island where artistes are thrown away to kill their relevance.

The chief executive officer of the stable Mukudzeyi Mukombe otherwise known as Jah Prayzah was viewed as a hero giving back to the community and also taking budding talent under his wing.

The first major move Jah Prayzah made soon after opening his “prison”, was arresting his look-alike Andy Muridzo who proved to be the only competition against him starting from the dreadlock hairstyle, music genre and the mbira trademark.

Andy who was up-and- coming by then obviously needing financial help, put his signature to a five-year imprisonment contract, a move he will forever regret.

Industry insiders say Jah Prayzah signed the Derira hit-maker as a way of containing him.

After Muridzo signed the deal, his music started to fade away, not because he is not talented but the tight bars he is imprisoned in are too harsh for him to an extent that his music is not promoted or given any chance to collaborate with international artistes of his choice as stated in his deal.

Even when the controversial artiste was swimming in hot soup with his scandals with raunchy pole dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, little did we read of MTM supporting Andy at such a hard time.

What kind of a boss is he who hires people and fails to fulfil the promises entitled to the package of their working conditions?

Enough is enough, bad treatment can be seen through Andy Muridzo’s eyes that is why he wants out of MTM.

Surprisingly he publicly revealed he is not the only one who feels the cold in Jah Prayzah’s cells, some are scared to tell the world about their treatment at MTM.