THE Burma Valley community was plunged into mourning when a 14 year-old boy was viciously attacked and killed by a crocodile during a fishing expedition with friends last week.

The brutal attack and subsequent death of the boy, Concern Mukwavaya, left the villagers and relatives in Manyera community grappling to come to terms with the agonising situation.

Concern’s body was found one kilometre away from the spot of the attack with missing limbs and a ripped abdomen.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa confirmed the tragic incident that occurred at Manyera Dam last Saturday afternoon.

The boy’s mother Ms Martha Mukwavaya was at loss of words and described the tragedy as the worst to inflict her family.

“I was washing Concern’s school uniforms while he prepared breakfast earlier in the day. After eating I warned him against going fishing as he was still recuperating from malaria.

“I later weISHINFnt to cure tobacco at a nearby homestead in the compound and together with three other boys, ignored my earlier warning and went for fishing. I was shocked when one of his friends arrived home calling for help. He was shouting on top of his voice that my son had been attacked by a crocodile. It came as a shock since I had dissuaded him from going fishing,” said Ms Mukwavaya, with difficulty and tears welling down her cheeks.

Source: Manica Post