TWO traffic cops were found guilty yesterday in the Port Elizabeth Commercial Crimes Court of taking a bribe.

Nosicelo Ncapai (43) and Mzukisi Mrara (47) were sentenced to seven years in prison, suspended for five years, on two counts of corruption. Mrara was also found guilty on a third charge of corruption.

They were refused leave to appeal against the sentence or conviction. Ncapai collapsed on her way to the holding cells.

Their arrest came after they stopped behind a truck that had parked on a yellow line. The driver was offloading goods in front of a business when Ncapai told him she’d give him a R1 000 fine unless he had something to give them.

The driver took R200 out of his wallet and was told to drop it in the officers’ car through the window.

The man was later told he hadn’t given them enough money and handed over another R150. The cops drove off without issuing a fine. The matter was later reported to the police.

On the same day, they demanded R100 from a taxi driver whose driver’s permit had expired and whose vehicle was not roadworthy.

The third charge against Mrara concerned an incident on 2 April 2015 when he stopped a driver in Motherwell whose tyres were worn and who had an expired licence.

He told the driver to pay a small amount for a reduced fine and was given R100.