A Unicef employee has appeared before a Harare magistrate for indecently rubbing his erect “bedroom gun”on the bums of a Harare woman.

45 Year old Wesley Masiiwa,  was hauled to the Harare Magistrates’ Courts facing indecent assault charges. Masiiwa is accused of rubbing his manhood on the back of a city hairdresser during the Food World grand draw held on October 5 in the Harare Gardens.

Prosecutor Tendai Kabudura told the court the woman, who is employed at a hair salon located at Zimpost Mall along Inez Terrace, was standing near the VIP entrance when Masiiwa went to stand behind her.

The court heard that Masiiwa then pushed the 28-year-old woman, before the woman asked him to stop what he was doing. He reportedly apologised. It was alleged that Masiiwa then leaned with both hands on the fence, while the woman was standing in front of him.

He allegedly stood in such a way that he was barring other people from noticing his actions. The court heard that the woman stepped aside, but Masiiwa allegedly followed her and stood behind her, while squeezing his manhood on her back. It is the State’s case that Masiiwa continued squeezing harder and harder, until the woman was startled by discomfort from the “hard stick” .  The woman is alleged to have turned towards Masiiwa and yelled at him to stop. She alerted her friend of the alleged abuse.

Kabudura said that the woman and her friend started shouting at him, thereby alerting the crowd in the process. On-lookers accused Masiiwa of practicing mubobobo, a mysterious way of having a sex with a woman.

Masiiwa was reportedly whisked away  from the scene by two security guards who later took him to a police station.