WHEN Orlando Pirates won the derby match on Saturday, fans went on a celebrating night. But for three Bucs fans, their celebrating night came to a stop into a wrong house when they crashed their car into someone’s yard in Dobsenville in Soweto.

The owner  of the house Pinky Phakedi (55) said it was like a double tragedy because the team she supports (Kaizer Chiefs) had lost the derby game and then the winning team supporters crashed into her property. “I am not an active soccer supporter but still Chiefs remain my team of choice,” she said.

Pinky said she walk up early yesterday (Sunday) to prepare to go to church when she heard a loud bang.

A banging sound woke up Pinky’s sleeping family and her neighbours.

When they peeped through their windows, they were surprised to see thick cloud of dust hovering their surrounding!

After the dust had settled, they found a front part of the black MercedesBenz Viano was buried in rubble and Pinky’s wall and one of the rooms was crushed into.

But the alleged drunk driver with her two occupants escaped the incident without a scratch

Pinky said she was frightened when she heard the banging sound.

“At first I thought my whole house had collapsed because of the loud noise and the dust in the yard that we couldn’t even breathe.

She said everyone in the house was still sleeping the incident happened. They were awaken up by a big bang outside their yard.

Pinky and her children went out and couldn’t believe that half of the wall and the room were flattened.

The MercedesBenz Viano driver mysteriously escaped unhurt. She said the driver was drunk.

“I wanted to lay charges against driver  but he pleaded with me and asked me not to because he will build the damaged wall and the room,” said Pinky.

Pinky agreed to the deal that the driver should build the wall and did not go ahead with opening the case. “I would be angry if they were arrogant. I would make sure that they get arrested.

Neighbour Tshepo Masenya (41) said he the bang was so loud.

He said when they questioned the driver, he claimed that he was avoiding a car that was speeding towards him on an oncoming direction. “There were bottles and glasses in the car.

Probably the three men had a great night.

He said according to the men, they say the owner of the car was asleeping when his little brother decided to drive them all.

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