HE’S weak!

A Lupane woman left the court in stitches when she brazenly said her husband has never taken her to the promised land – climax.

Similo Moyo (34) made the stark revelations before Ndumo Masuku at the Lupane court where she was applying for a protection order against her allegedly abusive husband Mthulisi Moyo (42).

“When we engage in sex he finishes quickly and when I ask him for a second session he gets angry and would start to accuse me of being a prostitute. He will then hit me with anything that he gets his hands on. He is like a baby in bed and has never made me reach climax in our bedroom game,” said Similo.

Mthulisi concurred that his wife doesn’t get satisfied.

“She is never satisfied and I believe they cast a spell on her and that spirit forces her to have an insatiable appetite for sex,” he said.

He added that as such, she has been outsourcing so her beat her up.

“What forced me to beat her is that I once caught her in bed with a local man,” he said.

Resident Magistrate Ndumo Masuku ordered Mthulisi not to emotionally and physically abuse his wife.

Masuku also ordered the couple to go for counselling and come back on 12 March 2018.

– bmetro