A TSHOLOTSHO-BASED prophet has turned the world of a mother and daughter upside-down.Now Thekele Moyo and her daughter Nyaradzo Chivuze (19) are fighting over the love they get from Prophet Makeiz Mpofu.

It all began when Mpofu set base at Moyo’s homestead as a visitor on a healing mission at Mphafeni area.

Mpofu was to graduate months later and become Moyo’s husband thereby making Chivuze his stepdaughter.

“He came as a visitor but later became Moyo’s husband. We found it strange but we accepted it,” said a family source.

The source added that in no time, Mpofu started spending time with Chivuze and she fell pregnant.

“He impregnated his wife’s daughter but the pregnancy mysteriously disappeared.  At that point we thought Moyo would see the light and get rid of him,” the source said.

Instead she tried to consolidate her ground and win her man back from her daughter. It wasn’t easy and eventually the daughter fell pregnant for the second time.

“Her daughter has since given birth but Moyo still feels she stands a chance. I think the prophet is using juju on the two,” added the source.

The prophet told B-Metro that he was now in love with Chivuze and by the time of going to press he was going to see her in hospital where she gave birth.

“I am in love with Chivuze and I want to marry her,” he said.

He said he was there for Moyo in her hour of need but does not love her.

“I helped her a lot as a widow because she was facing many difficulties. As I was dealing with people whatever I obtained from the villagers I gave her,” said Mpofu.

Efforts to talk to Moyo and Chivuze were fruitless as their phones were unreachable because they are deep in the rural areas where network coverage is a challenge.

– bmetro