A well-known Masvingo traditional healer, Manicom Masaiti (42) was last week arraigned before a magistrate for allegedly raping his 15-year-old “patient” who had been having nightmares and wanted his assistance.

Masaiti of 3358 Munzviri Close, Rujeko, Masvingo, was not asked to plead to a charge of rape when he appeared before magistrate, Mr Waini Makamera.

He was remanded in custody to tomorrow.

Mr Makamera also advised Masaiti to apply for bail at the High Court since the court does not have the jurisdiction to hear his bail application.

Allegations against him as presented by Ms Doreen Moyo, for the State, are that in August last year the girl experienced unexplained nightmares and she told her stepmother who advised her to seek assistance from Masaiti.

On the first day, Masaiti allegedly took the girl to Mucheke River for a purported cleansing ceremony.

While at the river, Masaiti allegedly told the girl to lie on her back and take off her pair of panties. Due to her fear of Masaiti, the girl complied  and he allegedly inserted his finger into her private parts purporting to be testing her purity.

After inserting his finger he then allegedly raped her once.

Between that day and last month Masaiti allegedly raped the girl on several occasions.

The offence later came to light and a report  was made to the police leading to Masaiti’s  arrest.

– Chronicle