Suspects held at Mashava Police Station are apparently frightened of a particular cell claiming that it is haunted. An effigy of a ‘shiny’ woman standing right in the middle of the cell in the dead of the night is how one of the cell mates, Tererai Mukomondo in Mashava Police Station has described the phenomenon.

It is said suspects who spent a night in the cell raised alarm after they were terrorised by what they claimed to be “strange creatures and evil spirits” and they are refusing to be detained in one of the holding cells claiming it is haunted.

Authorities have since responded by installing lights in all cells at the station. Acting Officer-in-Charge Assistant Inspector Washington Mashizha confirmed receiving complaints from suspects.

A pregnant woman apparently committed suicide in the cell in the 1990s and it is where the fear stems from because the reports in Mashava say the woman’s ghost constantly visits the police station.

Mukomondo, a gold panning suspect, who was later acquitted, claimed to have seen the apparition of an effigy of a ‘shiny’ woman in the middle of the cell in the dead of the night.

“I thought I was dreaming. However, I realised I had seen a ghost when reality set in,” he added.

Tinashe Kwashirai, once arrested on allegations of public violence, claims to have witnessed strange happenings. “I was once detained there with other suspects.

“When we woke up the following morning, we were all sleeping on the floor.

“The blankets were neatly folded and tucked in one corner of the cell.”

– Byo24News