A married Victoria Falls woman accused of having an extra marital affair by her husband, has defended her lover claiming that her husband is a gold digger who wants to extort money from other men.

Mrs Sithembile Ncube (41) a council worker who resides in Chinotimba suburb told the court that this is not the first time that her husband Mr Stanford Ncube has accused her of having love affairs with other men.

She said he once accused her of being in love with former Victoria Falls Chamber Secretary Mr Philip Ndlovu that ended in court in 2014.

Mr Ncube had disowned his child saying his wife had been impregnated by Mr Ndlovu.

The case resulted in Mr Ndlovu suing Mr Ncube for $10 000 after a DNA test proved that the former chamber secretary was not the father of the child.

Now Mr Ncube has dragged another man Mr John Matumbura to the Victoria Falls Civil Court demanding $1 000 saying he was having an affair with his wife.

Mr Ncube told the court that he wanted Mr Matumbura, a local businessman to compensate him for destroying his marriage.

The couple is living separately and Mrs Ncube has since filed for divorce.

She denied having an affair with Mr Matumbura.

“Stanford only wants money from the defendant. He once accused Philip Ndlovu of being the father of one of our children and lost the case in court.

Paternity tests were done and proved that Mr Ndlovu was not the father. Mr Ndlovu sued him and he was ordered to pay him $10 000 damages,” said Mrs Ncube.

She said her husband was trying to get money from Mr Matumbura by accusing him of being her boyfriend.

Mrs Ncube told the court that her husband always tells her that two of their three children are not his.

An adamant Mr Ncube told the magistrate Ms Rangarirai Gakanje that Mr Matumbura was behind their separation.

He told the court that his wife and Mr Matumbura admitted that they were having an affair and produced an admission of guilty statement made by the two lovebirds at the police station.

Mr Matumbura, who denied the accusations, is being represented by Mr Givemore Mvhiringi.

The case will continue on March 7.

– chronicle