WHEN mama Agnes Lebyane went to fetch her first grandson at the hospital, she was overjoyed. But the baby would not stop crying, even after she introduced him to the ancestors. AND A FEW HOURS LATER, SHE GOT THE SHOCKING NEWS THAT THE HOSPITAL HAD SENT HOME THE WRONG NEWBORN!

Agnes said after she went to fetch the little boy last Tuesday, the child was unhappy. She burned incense to introduce him to the ancestors but it didn’t help.

“All my efforts were in vain. The child kept on crying. While I was still wondering what to do, I received a phone call from the hospital saying the child was not my daughter’s,” said angry Agnes.

The 40-year-old from Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, said everyone in the family was very confused when they were told to return the baby after he had been taken home.

“When we took the baby back to the hospital, we were told the nurses had made a mistake and our baby was still being kept in an incubator for premature babies.”

She said they had to wait until Monday before her grandson was finally discharged.

“We are angry with the hospital for their carelessness. The clothes we bought for our baby were given to the wrong child,” she said.

She said her daughter, Karabo Thekiso (17), even breastfed the wrong baby. “This is bad luck. We want the hospital to account for it.”

Agnes said the family would have to conduct a ceremony to apologise to the ancestors.

“I think the baby didn’t stop crying because the ancestors were rejecting him.” She said they had even named the wrong child.

“We named him Letabo, which means joy in Tswana. We have decided to keep the name for our child because it came to me in a dream.” The SunTeam tried to find the family of the baby who went home with Agnes with no success. Cultural expert Lucky Mkhize said: “Introducing a child to the wrong ancestors was not good. That child will always have problems with his ancestors as the ones he was wrongfully introduced to will fight over him.”

He said both families needed to have cleansing ceremonies to ask for forgiveness.

Pholosong Hospital CEO Pungie Lingham confirmed the incident.

She said: “We can confirm this did happen. On discovering the mistake, the manager in charge of the unit immediately called the mother and gave an explanation for what transpired.”

She said Karabo returned with the baby a few hours after the incident. “She was redressed along with her mother and referred to a psychologist. The hospital will call Karabo for further engagement.”

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