A BEDRIDDEN man from Hluhluwe, northern KZN, wants a hospital to be probed for negligence.Mcebiseni Nxumalo (31) claims staff at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital in Umlazi, south of Durban hid his medical records to cover up his botched operation.

Mcebiseni was admitted to the hospital on 16 January after complaining of stomach cramps.

“I was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to undergo surgery. When I was discharged on 22 January, I was told my gaping wound would heal on its own,” he said.

“But as the days went by, the wound didn’t heal.

“It was so painful that I couldn’t walk or sit.”

When he went back to the hospital two days later, he claims the clerk told him his file was lost and he would need a new one.

“The doctors gave me painkillers and sent me back home.

“I went to Mseleni Hospital in Manguzi where I was discharged after a week.

“Although my wound is still open, the staff at Mseleni made some progress. The wound is no longer bleeding but I’m still bedridden.”

Mcebiseni’s brother, Petros Nxumalo (47), said their family was angry at the Prince Mshiyeni staff for ruining his brother’s life.

KZN health spokeswoman Ncumisa Mafunda said the doctors left the wound open to prevent sepsis from occurring.

She said: “The healing process typically lasts a few weeks and the wound closes on its own. The patient can stay at home while it heals. However, regular visits to the local clinic are necessary for wound dressing.”

Mafunda urged patients to revisit their healthcare facilities if they had any issues with the medical procedures they underwent.

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