A polyandrous marriage has sent tongues wagging in Mkwasine in Chiredzi as two men are living harmoniously together with one wife who they share one bed with.
The three even eat their meals from the same table and one plate.
The woman Mollen Zvidzai confirmed her marriage to Mugari Zibuda known as Chikwanda and the second man only identified as Makamure when The Mirror ambushed her at her homestead for an interview. She however, became evasive and refused to comment further when she became suspicious of the reporter.
The family stays in S Village in Admin, a compound for general workers for Tongaat Hulett and indeginous sugarcane farmers. The polyandrous family has two round huts.
Neighbours told The Mirror that they are no longer surprised by the marriage. They said the marriage initially shocked them but now it looks normal to everyone.
Zvidzai is popularly known in the compound as Mai Chikwanda.
They said Zibuda who works at Hippo Valley Estates was the first husband and he has four kids with Zvidzai. Zibuda once worked in Mkwasine but was transferred to Hippo when Mkwasine was acquired during the land redistribution program. Zvidzai stays in Hippo Valley during most of the week and regularly visits the compound to see his wife and kids.
When he comes back, he allegedly shares the same bed with Makamure and Zvidzai without any squabbles.
Makamure works as a cane cutter and was at home when The Mirror arrived but he immediately left on a bicycle. He has two children from the marriage. Neighbours said Makamure left his original wife when he eloped with Mai Chikwanda.
Ironically Mai Chikwanda is a known member of Johane Masowe and goes to church together with his second husband.
“I have never heard of a woman who has two husbands, even animals give each other a chance. The husbands need to be mentally examined or they were given love portions because this woman is known for that in this area.
“How can a man wait for another man to finish while you are salivating? If you look at it you can see that this is not normal maybe their minds were disturbed or went to sleep due to juju,” said Wills Mujaji a neighbour.
Fadzai Zibuda Chikwanda (29) the daughter of Mai Chikwanda with the first husband confirmed her mother’s marriage and said Makamure was also her father.
“Who told you about the woman who has two husbands? Did the people who tell you said I am the one or it is my mother? Yes everyone knows my mother here since we stayed here for a long time together with our fathers. My father works in Hippo Valley and my mother`s young husband is a cane cutter here in Mkwasine,” said Fadzai.