Hijacking and other vehicle crimes impact South Africans a lot more than realised. It’s not just about losing a vehicle and going through a traumatic experience.

It has a huge financial impact and it’s most certainly not a random act. Criminals do thorough investigations of their victims routines and whereabouts before their strike.

In the latest Crime Stats survey, Pro-active SA’s Ryno Schutte told Wheels24 that most people do not report these crimes because nothing can really be done about it, and it was also found that most people take incidents into their own hands instead of calling the police.

Schutte takes a look at why vehicles are stolen and how victims are chosen.

Schutte says: “It was disheartening to see the response in the 2017 victims of crime survey which was conducted. Many victims from all walks of life indicated that they don’t report crime as nothing will be done about it.
“In fact something can only be done about it if the SAPS have been made aware of the crime. The size of the crime does not matter”

Cost of vehicle crime in SA
Schutte says billions are lost per annum due to crime and Billions are made due to crime at the expense of the victims. Incidents happen daily and an estimate of R45-billion is spent on personal security per year. This equates to an estimate R790 per individual spent per year on private security which includes every walk of life and age. The previous totals exclude the R44-billion spent by government on “Police Services”.
The value of vehicle crime nationally is estimated at R9-billion per year which is close to a fifth of the “Police Services” budget and / or a fifth of the expenditure for personal security.

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