WHEN Dihlahleng Nhlapo died at the age of 102 on Wednesday, her family decided to spoil her in death as they had in life.Scores of residents attended the glamorous, all-white funeral at Evaton Cemetery in the Vaal on Saturday.

Before she died, gogo Dihlahleng’s family would organise a limousine to drive her to the cemetery on her birthday every year so she could visit her late husband.

They would later have a celebration at the gogo’s home in Orange Farm, south of Joburg.

For five years before her death, the family would hire a DJ and a catering company to give her the perfect birthday party.

At the funeral, the gogo’s daughter-in-law Mohale (29) said: “She was a person with a good heart and she managed to bring the family together.We had already planned her birthday for 20 March, and when she died we continued with the plans. We booked a limo again this year but it never pitched. However, the funeral was still very flashy.

Mohale said they had the DJ play gospel songs, which were the gogo’s favourite.

“Gogo loved Sfiso Ncwane and we played his music. We’re happy to have given her a good send-off to show she was loved.”We continued to celebrate her birthday as we normally would. We had a decorated tent with 100 people inside. Surely, gogo is resting in peace knowing she was loved.”

The family even had T-shirts printed with the gogo’s face, which they wore to her burial.