KENNETH Mkansi (59) said his life has been a living hell for almost 10 years after he developed a growth on his 4-5 in 2008.

Shortly after the first growth, another one appeared and now he can’t do anything because of the pain.

He said when the growth started he didn’t take it seriously and hoped it would go away, but it just grew bigger and bigger.

Kenneth, from Runnymede Village near Tzaneen, Limpopo said he does not know where to go to solve the problem.

“I’ve consulted medical doctors and sangomas, with no success,” he told Daily Sun.

“I can’t even poke my wife because of the problem.”

He said his nightmare started when he divorced his wife and married a new woman.

“I spend a lot of time naked in my bedroom.”

He said he went to the hospital last week and the test results didn’t show any problems.

“The doctors also don’t know what to do anymore. I’m afraid I’ll die if I don’t get help.”

Kenneth said the doctors told him they could operate on him, but the operation was risky.

His brother, Thomas Mkansi (63), said: “We are pleading with anyone who can help cure Kenneth. I took him to many places around our area, but he couldn’t get help.”

Dr Mabowa Makhomisane said it might be a case of complicated genital warts, which are caused by a viral infection.

“However, we need to exclude the possibilities of cancer or other causes of a growth like this.

“His quality of life appears to have been severely affected. He needs a thorough examination, including blood tests and a biopsy. This is when we take a small piece of the growth to check