A WOMAN is in shock after discovering her ex-boyfriend had lied about his gender and was actually a girl.

According to New Zealand Herald, Wang Qi (40) from Zhejiang Province in eastern China first met her unnamed lover online in 2016.

Wang was initially uncertain about getting into a relationship because she’s a mum of a young son. But after meeting up, the relationship grew from a friendship to a romance.

Wang told Chinese media that the two of them had enjoyed intimate moments but hadn’t yet poked. Her “boyfriend” apparently told her he wanted to wait until they’re married.

At the time, Wang didn’t suspect anything. She met his parents and things seemed to be going well. But the veil was lifted from her eyes when he suddenly dumped her and vanished.

Frustrated that she couldn’t contact him using the usual numbers and websites, Wang did some digging.

She discovered an identity card belonging to “him” – which showed her lover was in fact a woman!

Angry Wang is now considering legal action against the imposter. She reportedly lent her “boyfriend” money and now wants it back because she was deceived, said the report.