THE woman is seen accepting cash from men and women as they pose for a picture while touching her. A queue of people lines up to grope a bride’s breasts…so that she can afford a honeymoon.This bizarre clip, which was filmed in China, shows men and women paying to touch the bride, apparently so that she and her new husband can pay for their post-wedding trip.

The woman and those groping her appear to pose for pictures as she takes the money and pushes their hands to her chest. Meanwhile, the wedding party continues around them. The first in line in the clip is a woman who spends some time posing for a photo with the bride, who is still wearing her wedding outfit.

Her dress is pulled down to expose her breasts, which are then manhandled for cash. Next in line is a man who gets even closer when the bride pulls his head down to her chest. Finally, another man takes his turn while the bride blows a kiss to the camera. The strange custom is said to take place at weddings in China and other parts of Asia.

Also common at Chinese weddings is tradition of “nao dongfang”, which sees both bride and groom subjected to pranks throughout their wedding reception.-Mirror Online.