What is it about pastors, apostles, reverends, or vanaPapa, sometimes their love for the soft skin is unprecedented.
As I said last week HOTH anoenzanisa, nhasi tinavo Apostle.
Instead of being a fisher of men as prescribed in the Holy Bible in this church that has something to do with rivers for life, this young Pastor or Apostle, kutozviti apostle kana kunyara, who appeared briefly on this popular platform has done it again.
This time around he has exhibited that he is not only virtuous at the pulpit, but is possessed when it comes into expressing the horizontal pleasures. Recently the horse voiced Apostle who goes by the name Mhonya or Mboma or something like that, as you know HOTH is not good at names so forgive me, but I am sure you know him.
“Ipai Muchigomera” is his signature when commanding congregants to tithe.
This one whose church is near Yeukai Shopping Centre ehe kwaYetso uko with metal sheets roof, is double crossing two sisters from the same church, eish, horizontal mumbo jambo champion.
So reckless and thoughtless is this our church leader in bonking the two church sisters without any protection resulting in both of them getting pregnant. And now the two sisters have ‘eaten the beans’ and the stomachs are bulging like cows that ate poison, nhasi zvangu nenyaya dzepoison idzi.
Apostle Mhonya who is married has two other mistresses and they all have two children each bringing to 10 the number of known off-springs.
At his youthful age by the time he is 40 uumm hameno kuti anenge ava navangani vana.
Word reaching HOTH is that this young Apostle intends to taste sugar out of the camel joy of all church sisters, hameno vane vakadzi vanoendako munangwarira. Don’t say HOTH did not warn us.
HOTH is also told that he is in the habit of sending his real wife to Rejo who stays in 3rd Street Mucheke with some groceries, ii but how can you be so callous like that, kutuma mukadzi nechikafu kugirlfriend after that you beat her up.
Rejo is the other girlfriend with two children and they all go to Francis Aphiri Primary school, sometimes you take them to school in your Rolex iya yesilver or Venture yeblue, kana kunyara!
Gutu headmaster in trouble for dating married women
HOTH was about to sign off, but hey this one is too HOT to ignore, chaHeadmaster ichi chakaipa, vafana vamazuva ano vanoti chibatei zvakanaka, kana kuti chinoda dish tauro.
There is this head teacher in Gutu at this school ichi chinonzi eeehee, ichi mhanhi chiri apa, paGunduraaadza yaa something like that.
And the headmaster answers to the name Nomara or Wayawaya here.
HOTH heard that the head of the primary school is in hot soup after posting some nudity to a married woman, ooh married woman my foot.
Komamashaya here nhai head after all there are so many thigh vendors around who are looking for clients but imi you decide to go for a married woman, manje this time makairasa.
When I mean the headmaster is in hot soup I really mean it because the hubby is demanding a beast from our poor headmaster and as if that is not enough the chief is breathing down his neck, he also wants a piece of the cake.
KomaChief ndokwavoka vakahwa dzoupombwe, they rub their palms in glee, isati yatongwa kune mbudzi nhatu dzedare, nhaka munochiona headteacher, chamakadhla chomuka.
Mamajaira kutora vakadzi vevanhu, this time you went for the wrong one because message yakapinda apa murume ane phone and he quickly wanted answers, proper answers cde.
HOTH understands the head teacher has so far parted with $250 after convincing the husband that the message was meant for the younger sister whom he says they are an item, but HOTH knows he wanted to bed the sister as well because ndokubasa kwake head uyu.
Anyway let’s wait for the chief to intervene as well as the Ministry hahaaheheehedede chegore rino.

#Masvingo Mirror