Bikita residents have been left shell shocked after a Bikita Policeman raped a Rape victim right in the police station! Who will police the police?, a sad development indeed. According  to the Masvingo Mirror, A Bikita cop has been arrested for allegedly forcing himself on a victim of rape at the charge office.

Constable Tinashe Chitobo allegedly pounced on the girl when she came to give evidence against her father who had allegedly raped her. Chitobo who is this week expected to appear before Bikita Resident Magistrate Bishard Chineka, was allegedly released from Police custody in unclear circumstances.

It is the State case that Police at Chikuku Police base received a tip off that a villager was raping his daughter he was staying with and Chitobo went to arrest the father whom he subsequently took to the holding cells at Bikita Police Station. It is further alleged that he then went back to collect the rape victim who was supposed to issue a statement on the rape case and offered her a place to sleep at Chikuku Police base before taking her to the Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) at Bikita Police station.
When she went to the VFU the girl was asked to narrate her rape ordeal but seemed to be confused as she asked the Police which rape they referred to, the one perpetrated by her father or the one that was committed by the Police officer she spent the night with at the charge office.
It turned out that the vulnerable girl was threatened with death before being raped by the cop. He was immediately arrested. Constable Chitobo is being represented by Joseph Maweni of Maputsenyika and Chikanda Legal Practioners.