A sixteen-year old girl has dragged  the wife of a tenant who resides at her parents’ to court after the latter bashed her for allegedly snatching her husband.

She was beaten  by the woman and her brother-in-law prompting her to report the matter to the Police.
Rosemary Hama (21) and Pardon Mugoni (17) who both reside  at 1554 Tangwena Street Mucheke A, Masvingo appeared before Magistrate Dorothy Mwanyisa facing charges of assault.

It is alleged that at around 7am recently, Hama proceeded to the complainant’s room where she accused the girl of having an affair with her husband. James Murambiza prosecuted in the case.

Hama told the court that she was given the go ahead by the complainant’s mother to deal with the girl since it was improper for a young girl to behave like that.

A misunderstanding arose after the complainant failed to give a satisfactory answer to the accused and Hama then teamed up with Mugoni and assaulted the girl with fists and open hands. The complainant made a Police report leading to the arrest of the two. Masvingo Mirror