Bad girls! Bad girls! What are you going to do if they come for you?

A Bulawayo socialite Paul Munakopa said he was facing physical abuse charges because his ex-girlfriends who happen to be friends wanted to fix him.

In his defense before Bulawayo magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, Munakopa denied the charges.

“The assault never happened at all. Before the incident Noreen sent a message that I will die in prison. This is in accordance with their plan to fix me. Both (Noreen and Theresa) are my ex-girlfriends. Their friendship started after they broke up with me. It (friendship) is not even more than three weeks old,” he said.

The two women, Noreen Dube, an engineer and Theresa Chiketsane, a clothing shop owner teamed up in a case of physical abuse against their ex-boyfriend.

Allegations against Munakopa are that he assaulted Dube at her place of residence.

Munakopa is however, denying the allegations saying the two — Dube and Chiketsane since they were his ex-lovers they tried to “fix” him for allegedly breaking up with them.

He said the two’s friendship was just a “marriage of convenience” which they started in order to fight him.

Circumstances are that on 15 May at around 7am Munakopa went to Dube’s place of residence at Number 10 Blake Road, Malindela and asked if he could talk to her.

Dube reportedly refused saying she had no business with him since their relationship was no longer in subsistence.

It is alleged that Dube then sternly charged Munakopa not to come to her place of residence again.

On the day in question and at around 5pm it is further alleged that when Dube was accompanying her friend Chiketsane who had visited her, she was shocked to see Munakopa parked outside her gate.

It is reported that a misunderstanding ensued between the two parties with Munakopa shouting at Dube while labelling her a pr_ostitute.

In a fit of anger, Munakopa assaulted Dube with fists on the shoulder leading Chiketsane to reportedly intervene and pleaded with Munakopa not to physically assault her friend.

In court, Munakopa said the charges labelled against him were a plot to just “fix” him as he was entangled in another court battle with the duo’s friend Chengetai Madzivire over a car which the latter took from him.

Chiketsane, who appeared as a witness in the case confirmed that Munakopa was indeed her ex-lover though she denied that she appeared in court to fix him.

The matter was however, withdrawn after plea with Dube’s consent saying it (matter) had since attracted the attention of the media.

“I wish to withdraw the case due to the following reasons: Firstly the accused has other cases in the courts which journalists are following and wish to publish including this case. Due to the professional reasons I cannot be appearing in the papers and associated with him. I had resolved the matter with the accused and wish to obtain a protection order against him,” her affidavit reads in part.

Source-B metro