A man in Nairobi’s Kasarani area should thank his quick thinking for potentially saving his marriage.

The man, who was recounting his escapade to friends over a drink narrated how he and a close friend of his had gone to a popular joint along Thika Highway where he hooked up with a young girl and they got talking.

As the night progressed, things got heated between the two of them and he quickly excused himself to get a room where the two disappeared for some time. The man’s friend was left behind watching a football game as he enjoyed his drink.

After some while, the amorous pair reappeared and the merrymaking went on into the wee hours when they parted ways and the two men, who live near each other, drove into a nearby estate.

As if the prospect of waking up with a nasty hangover were not bad enough, Alfred was woken up by his angry wife. She was holding a co_ndom in her hands and wanted answers.

“Where were you yesterday and what were you doing with co_ndoms?” she thundered.

Startled, the man took some time to figure out what had happened. After his escapades, he drunkenly put a remaining co_ndom in his jacket and went home with it.

His wife had found the contraceptive while taking his clothes to be washed.

Cornered, the man got out of bed and went to the living room as his wife followed him still demanding answers.

He remained calm, reached out for his phone and called the friend they had been with the night before.

“Frank, I need you to come over. It is rather urgent,” he told his pal, without elaborating further.

Within no time his friend came over, thinking his childhood buddy was in some emergency. He quickly opened the door only to be met with what he least expected.

As soon as he walked into the room, his friend stood up, walked up to him and slapped him really hard across the face.

“Yaani, I give you my jacket then you go leaving co_ndoms in them? Are you trying to break up my home?,” he shouted at the confused friend of his, as his wife watched from the other side of the room.

Feigning anger, the man walked away and told his friend to leave his house.

“You need to think hard what our friendship is worth to you,” he charged as his friend walked away, still dazed.

His wife remained quiet and the whole drama, at least on the home front, had died a natural death.

Later that evening the man called up his friend and the two set up a meeting at a popular casino they frequent in town. As soon as Frank walked into the room his friend stood and walked towards him.

“I hope you understand why I had to do that. No ill-feelings,” he offered, while greeting him. He quickly reached into his pocket and gave his friend some Sh5,000 as a show of remorse and the two friends enjoyed the rest of the evening heartily, crisis duly averted.