A MUTARE’s Natview Park couple’s plan to marry and take away the property of the first wife turned into a nightmare when a commissioner of oath announced that the wedding had been stopped by an objection letter presented to him by the first wife.

Just before the marriage was solemnised and registered, Charity Nyamajiya wrote a letter to object proceedings. And Plaxecedes Mugwazi melted in the arms of her relatives after Nyamajiya insisted on stopping the wedding claiming it was fraudulent.

She said her husband and Mugwazi were trying to take away her property. Nyamajiya and Mugwari are wives to Magumbeze under the customary marriage union. In her letter, Nyamajiya said she was still married to Magumbeze and the wedding between her husband and Mugwazi was thus fraudulent.

“The wedding is fraudulent because we are in a polygamous marriage together. Mugwazi is married already to Magumbeze under unregistered customary law. Both parties (Magumbeze and Mugwazi) gave false information to the magistrate. Magumbeze said he is a bachelor and Mugwazi said she is a spinster for them to obtain a licence, which are all lies,” she said.

Nyamajiya heard of the marriage between her husband and Mugwazi when she was in South Africa and she flew back and filed her legal forms to object the proceedings of the wedding.

Source-Manica Post