Exam time is also time to play na_ughty at the catholic run Marist Brothers secondary school in Dete where some form four boys sneaked into form three girls’ dormitories at night to visit their girlfriend.

Sources at the school told B-Metro the two boys were suspended from the boarding facilities last week after being reported by other jealous pupils. There is tight security between the boys and girls dormitories but the two boys managed to bypass the system just like the fictional character Michael Scofield in Prison Break.

“They scaled a security fence surrounding the boys’ hostel east of the school before going for another fence enclosing the girls’ hostels west of the school. The gates were locked,” said the source. Disciplinary action was taken on the boys and now they are writing their examinations coming from outside the school. “We follow Ministry (primary and secondary education) procedure and if a kid is suspended for any wrongdoing as in this case we withdrew them from the boarding facility,” the headmaster brother Benard Chimombe confirmed the incident.

The girl was also given the axe.

”The girl is also at home receiving counselling,” added Chimombe. The headmaster said there was nothing wrong with the school’s security upgrades. Instead, it was the wayward pupils that went out of their way to be mischievous.

“There is a security fence and if you see a student jumping such a structure obviously there is something wrong with him or her,” he said. Acting provincial education director for Matebeleland North Mr Jabulani Mpofu said he had not received any report, adding that he would investigate the issue.

“I am not aware of the issue. Naturally it should have passed by his office because the PED is the authorising authority in terms of circular P35 if there is a need to suspend a pupil. For now we haven’t seen that report, maybe it may be there in some other offices so I am sending staff to investigate,” he said.

Meanwhile parents with children attending school at the same institution have expressed concern about alleged starvation at the school. Children have reportedly complained about reduced food rations while sometimes they are fed lunch or supper late. This comes after the school banned pupils from bringing groceries in September. Upper six boys reportedly planned a demonstration last week which was quashed by the school authorities. A news crew visited the school on Saturday when there was a prize giving ceremony and parents visiting day and witnessed children reporting to their parents that they were starving.

“We are starving here. The rations have been reduced while lunch and supper are sometimes served late and we end up missing afternoon lessons and evening studies,” said some pupils.  Parents are also divided over the issue as they accuse one another of advocating for banning of groceries.

“We were told not to bring groceries for our kids because those from Bulawayo voted against groceries at the last meeting. I think this is not fair at all because kids look like they are losing weight,” said a parent.

Some alleged that the reduction of rations was deliberate, alleging it was a result of bad blood between Bro Chimombe and his deputy Mr Utete. Bro Chimombe dismissed the allegations as untrue, saying he was working harmoniously with Mr Utete.

“It’s not true that pupils are starving unless if they are talking about removal of snacks from the meals. Parents actually voted against groceries at our last meeting saying kids steal from each other and as school we only listened and implemented their will,” said Bro Chimombe. He said children used to pay $50 for snacks but the fee was scrapped because it wasn’t approved by government. The acting PED said he would investigate the allegations of hunger at the school.

Source-B Metro