The love of meat wrecks marriage. A married woman from Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb reportedly fell head over heels in love with a butchery attendant resulting in her deserting her husband for a ‘meaty affair’.

Tabeth Kunaka (30) and Thulani Mpofu (37) had been together for 11 years and have two children aged six and nine. According to Mpofu, his wife fell in love with a man called Taurai last year in November. Mpofu said what made him suspicious was that his wife would bring a lot of meat and claim it was bought by her relatives. But he got a tip-off that his wife was leasing her se_xual goodies to Taurai. His suspicious went a gear up when Tabeth would dash outside the house to answer her phone calls. He said she he asked her about that she throw tantrums

“Whenever I asked her she would get angry and accuse me of abusing her and she would hurl insults at me,” he said. A source from the suburb confirmed that Tabeth and Taurai were in love and were seen getting lovey dovey when Mpofu had gone to the rural areas. The source went on to say last week Tabeth changed her whatsapp statu to read “I love you Tau” and also put him as her profile picture.

Mpofu said he did not want Tabeth anymore but only his two minor children. When contacted for comment Tabeth said: “He used to sleep around with many girls from the suburb. What pissed me off is that at times he would instruct them to phone me and insult me”. She said she was not in love with Taurai but she asked him to look after her brother since she was leaving for Marondera.
Tabeth’s other Loveness Kunaka said Mpofu did not pay lobola (bride price) and forced her daughter to desert him.

Source-B Metro