THERE have been many media reports about the poor condition the Herdershof building was in, but nothing was done.And on Sunday a six-year-old girl fell to her death from the building, which houses cops in Sophiatown, Joburg.

The child was apparently playing with her friends when she leaned against the door of a broken lift and it suddenly opened.

She lost her balance and fell from the fifth floor to the basement.

Sources told Daily Sun the cops and their families living in the flats were not being properly taken care of. They said the building was not safe.

“Police work hard to protect the people, but no one is protecting or taking care of them and their families,” a source said.

When the SunTeam visited the building on Tuesday afternoon, it was in a terrible state. To get to the room where the child lived, the SunTeam had to walk upstairs to the 10th floor as the lifts weren’t working.

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said an inquest docket was opened.

“We will investigate to establish the cause of the incident,” he said.