Members of the Apostolic Faith Church in Hillside Masvingo are baying for the blood of a firewood vendor who gypped them $65 worthy of donations. When the Pastor was done with his sermon for the day, the vendor one daring Andrew Zengere had the guts to go to the pulpit and give a bogus testimony that he had been in prison for 19 years and when he got released from prison he found his parents dead and as such he was homeless and had no idea how he was going to make it.

He stressed however that he was confident that the Lord is faithful  and never forsakes the righteous.So moving was the testimony that the church members dug into their pockets and handed him a total of $65  to that he could have something to start with his new life.

Standing in front of the church, on the pulpit, the man allegedly said he had been listening to the preaching that morning and was moved to become a permanent member of the congregation.

Unbeknownst to the congregates Andrew had never been to prison. When the church itinerary was over with, he went to Gomba Business centre and reportedly started downing liquor like a fish, boasting that todziranga mari dzemarema ( I am spending the fools’s money)  unfortunately one of the senior church members passed by and he was shocked to see the “new creature” in Christ downing the beers.

“Yangu inouya yakaunganidzwa,” Zengere allegedly said while enjoying the beer he had purchased with church money.

A senior church member confirmed that indeed they had been duped and said they were mulling raising the matter with the police. Other church members however, were of the opinion that they should not report to the Police but rather leave it in God’s capable hands and He would know the appropriate punishment to mete to him