One Way Ministries church pastor’s suspected illicit affair with a single lady was exposed by a Whatsapp profile picture.

Although Nickson Kainga refused to comment, his nine year marriage is now on the rocks. The 35 year old pastor’s alleged shenanigans with a singe lady only identified as Mai Tinevimbo came to light after she uploaded a picture she was taken with Pastor Kainga as her profile picture on her Whatsapp account.

There were claims that Mai Tinevimbo wanted her relationship with the pastor known and hence the decision to go public in the form of the social media (whatsapp). Pastor Kainga stands accused of allegedly abusing his wife Wadzanai Banga, 28, to create room for Mai Tinevimbo. Wadzanai is reported to have left their home in Highfield last week to join her parents following her differences with the “Holy” man of God over Mai Tinevimbo.

“Church Leaders have tried counseling Pastor Kainga and his wife over the differences after Wadzanai brought the issue to their attention,” said the source.” Mai

Tinevimbo deliberately exposed the picture in a way to embarrass and takeover Wadzanai. ” Wadzanai woud come to church with bruises on her face and after being beaten by pastor Kainga and even a novice would notice that all was not well in the Kainga homestead.

“Mai Tinevimbo has since relocated to stay in the same neighbourhood with Pastor Kainga as she puts pressure on him to marry her. Apart from exposing the kodak moments with Pastor Kainga, Mai Tinevimbos is also believed to have charmed and lured Pastor Kainga to her house for “sex prayers”. As we speak Mai Tinevimbo’s profie picture on her Whatsapp features pastor Kainga. ” Mai Tinevimbo lured the pastor with cash and charms for he wants a good life thereby sacrificing his family.; Mai Tinevimbo is stamping authority that Pastor Kangai is failing to contain,” added the source.

Reporters tracked Mai Tinevimbo to house 2668 in Jerusalem which is in the same neighbourhood ad Pastor Kainga. Mai Tinevimbo denied the affair with Pastor Kainga. she
had consulted with the pastor over the phone. She asked to be excused from the interview to make a call to the pastor. How did you know that i am staying here and who told you about all the stuff you are talking about?” Asked Mai Tinevimbo. I relocated to this place recently and I am not aware of where Pastor Kainga lives and and I am not in love with him as alleged,” said Mai Tinevimbo. If there is such a pic, i would be happy to see it, ” added Mai Tinevimbo.

Contacted for comment, Pastor Kainga refused to comment. I am aware of what you are taking about but i have no comment to it, thank you,” said Pastor Kainga before hanging the phone. Wadzanai, a police officer refused to comment citing protocol. ” I am a police officer so I am not allowed to speak with the press but what i can only say is i am at my parents’ house after being physically abused,” said Wadzanai. Better visit Pastor Kainga in Highfied for a comment, “she added.