A Hatfield woman was on Tuesday left traumatised after she was allegedly abducted by a suspected gang of Satanists who later abandoned her in Granitside near Coca Cola complex.

Only identified as Mai Gande, the woman was rescued by newspaper vendors at Coca Cola traffic lights who later advised her to phoned her husband.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene, a small crowd was gathered trying to help the woman who later became violent, chasing onlookers with her baby strapped on her back.

Mai Gande could not entertain the public accusing them of being part of the gang which had kidnapped her as she seemed to have lost her mind.

“What do you want from me, you have failed to accomplish your mission? You Satanists mandikwidza mumota menyu muchida kundiuraya,” she could be heard shouting.

One of the vendors said the woman approached them after she was pushed out of a kombi by the suspected Satanists.

“She came to us when her condition was better and she told us that she was coming from her place of residence in Hatfield and the kombi crew diverted the route.

“She said there were three people- two men and a woman- who started fondling her while the other tried to take her money,” said one of the vendors adding, ”When she approached us the condition was better but now it’s worse. She is now attacking people around, accusing them of being part of the gang that kidnapped her.”

She later phoned her husband identified as Baba Gande who arrived in the company of his friends. Speaking to H-Metro, a visibly shaken Baba Gande said:

“She has never lost her senses and I left her in good condition and I was only surprised to hear her phoning me saying she had been kidnapped by Satanists.”

Gande’s friends advised him to take Mai Gande to prophets but she refused to get into the car without her child. When H-Metro left the scene, some people had gone to look for a prophet to assist her.