A Bulawayo man is battling for his life at United Bulawayo Hospitals after his wife scalded him with hot cooking oil on his genitals, face and stomach while he was sleeping.

The scalding was reportedly a revenge after he assaulted her on the head and neck with a frying pan until it broke on allegations of being promiscuous. It is also reported that the woman, Felistus Hove (22), sought the evil way to punish her husband Tinashe Blessing Sengayi (23) after being infuriated by the court’s ruling where the latter was given a non-custodial sentence for the physical abuse case.

Trouble reportedly started when Sengayi who is said to be working outside Bulawayo, came home and found his wife not present. It is alleged that she had gone for her secret escapades. As a result, Sengayi started accusing his 22-year-old wife of having extra-marital affairs and a misunderstanding ensued between the couple, leading to an exchange of harsh words.

In a fit of rage, Sengayi assaulted Hove with fists and open hands all over her body before taking a frying pan which he used to struck her on the head and neck several times. After the assault, Hove went and reported the matter to the police, leading to her 23-year-old husband’s arrest.

According to a family source who requested anonymity, Hove was praying for a custodial sentence to be imposed on her husband. The source said Hove was incensed hen her prayers were not answered as per her request after Sengayi was given a non-custodial sentence.

“The day Blessing (Sengayi) was released from prison, he quickly proceeded to his bedroom to sleep and ignored his wife’s repeated accusations that he had bribed the magistrate to be given a non-custodial sentence. While he was enjoying his sleep, Felistus proceeded to heat cooking oil before pouring it on Blessing’s face, stomach and genitals while he was sleeping.

“After committing the offence, she ran away to her new boyfriend’s house in Khumalo suburb with her three-month old baby and left their first born aged five helping her father,” narrated the source.

Sengayi was later taken to UBH where he is recuperating. He sustained severe burns on his genitals, neck and back. The matter was reported to the police leading to Hove’s arrest.