Pandemonium reigned at a house in the high-density suburb of Zvishavane when residents reportedly jostled to catch a glimpse of a prostitute who had allegedly passed out while having sex with a client.

This condition of fainting during or after having sex is known as orgasmic syncope and it does occasionally happen during an act of sexual intercourse when then heart rate of partners speed up while breathing faster, leading them to get hot

It is alleged that on the day in question, the thigh vendor only identified as Eunice, met her unidentified client at Jarzin, a popular resting place in the mining town known for being frequented by both Sexual Relations Managers and also Adult Entertainment Seekers. The prostitute was ‘lucky’ to hook up with a client at the place.

She reportedly shared the house-cum-love nest with her colleagues who are also in the same profession of selling the ‘sweet product’ they neither manufacture nor buy. Eunice was reportedly rescued from the misfortune by her colleagues after her client had made good his escape thinking he had ‘raved’ the thigh vendor to death.

A witness who phoned our news crew from Zvishavane said Eunice’s friends suspected that their ‘partner in crime’ fainted because her client had taken aphrodisiac to boost his sexual virility. She said the unidentified man, after realising that the woman who earns a living through ‘sampling’ too many ‘anacondas’, quickly bolted out of her room leaving behind his black jacket and the door wide open.

When other prostitutes went into the room, they found Eunice lying naked and unconscious.

“There was a near stampede on Friday at a house in Mandava when people jostled to catch a glimpse of Eunice who had fainted while having sex with her client. Trouble started after one of her friends who seemed to have panicked screamed thinking her friend had been murdered. Her screams attracted neighbours attention who rushed to the house, only to find the prostitute lying motionless and stark naked on her bed, with her legs wide open.

“She later regained her consciousness after neighbours rendered first aid. She fully recovered after sometime when she was given some porridge to eat,” said a witness who identified herself as Mai Munyaradzi.

The informant said used condoms were also found in a small bucket which was placed under the bed – a testimony that the two were busy enjoying horizontal gymnastics during the night.

“Eunice’s friends said from the former’s explanation, the man who had hired her was using aphrodisiac. Very few people from the suburb sympathised with Eunice as she and her friends have a habit of sleeping with married man,” added Mai Munyaradzi.

Efforts to get contact details for the nature’s grandest bedroom game specialist were not successful by the time of going to Press. However Zvishavane is not a stranger at all when it comes to prostitutes making headlines. One Zvishavane man told the court that hired a prostitute and had sex with her until she ‘transformed’ into a donkey.