IT ALL started five years ago with a small blemish that became itchier by the day.

Thembi Madonsela (42) still lives a life of pain.The mum from Feni Village near Mayflower, Mpumalanga, said her foot is always sore and has a wound that won’t heal.

She said she can’t sleep anymore because of the pain.

She told Daily Sun the small pimple became painful and started spreading, leaving her unable to walk.

“I’ve been to sangomas and medical doctors, but nothing has helped,” said Thembi.“I really need help to take this pain away.

“I’ve done everything in my power to take this pain away.“I’m flat broke because of this wound.”

She said sangomas told her she was bewitched, while doctors said she had leg ulcers.

“I’ve become a useless person and a burden to my children.

“I’m supposed to be working for them, but this situation has forced me to rely on social grants since I can’t work.”

She said the muthi she’s
taking hasn’t done anything to
heal her.

“I really need help, otherwise this pain is going to kill me,” Thembi told Daily Sun.“I can’t leave my children now. They’re still very young.”

Sonnyboy Msiza, chairman of the Traditional Health Practitioners, said the wound on Thembi’s foot is called isifulana.

Msiza said the smelly, dripping liquid is the reason it
won’t heal.

He said no medical doctor can cure her and only good sangomas could treat her foot.

Dr Bob-John Masango, who runs a private practice in KwaMhlanga, said the wound is possibly a leg ulcer.

He said it’s caused by blocked veins that supply blood to the foot.

He said the wound usually appeared on the side of the ankles or toes.

If blood is no longer supplied properly to the leg, it decomposes and a painful wound appears.

Her veins needed to be unblocked with an injection so the wound can be treated.

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